13 thoughts on “Musica e as crianças

  1. The trumpet and piano duo playing “Feelings”, “Copacabana”, and “New York, New York” are really something!!! The guy playing trumpet has a very good sense of phrasing, and very good technical control as well. The guy on piano doesn’t put a foot wrong, and he’s also got a fine sense of style, backed up by a very fluent, strident, competent technique. Both are rhythmically tight and are totally together. The group playing the “Feeling good” covers need a bit more care over intonation and ensemble, but it’s great to see kids of that age getting into, and enjoying playing music of that genre.

  2. I loved the trumpet and piano boys playing my kind of music, (I’m almost 60) instead of the crap (I call ear pollution) most kids their age play and listen to. The other group needs a little more practice time or something. Greyson’s cute and has a nice voice but could do better songs I think.

  3. Its actually both….. It is an age thing and its natural…Its the ol’ Generation gap Every generation tends to dislike another’ s “Crappy” music…. laugh Classical disliked Jazz/Blues….that disliked Swing/Big Band that disliked….Doo-Wop/Rock-n-Roll that disliked …Hard Rock & Psychedelic…that disliked Punk/ Heavy Metal..that disliked Disco..that disliked Rap and Hip Hop…..and so on….Music genres are generally geared towards young kids whos sole purpose is to rebel from their parents music, It wasn’t designed for Parents and their Kids to like the same Music ,although sometimes kids do like some of their parents music and the other way around..Me being from a very musical family Im lucky to love just about ALL genres of music..I have a wide range very wide range of music likes….and yes some dislikes….Like “some” of the crap thats out now…. laugh Just wait til these 10-14 year olds have kids ..They will hate their music (Crap) too!…. chuckle

    • Not sure that I totally agree with all of what you’ve said. Did Classical really dislike Jazz/Blues? There has been a lot of music written for jazz band and symphony orchestra combinations. A number of classical composers have been influenced by jazz and blues, and a number of great jazz players have been influenced by classical music. The whole lot is, if the truth be known, extremely fused.

      • Thats fine,,But its not as if I just made it up or its my opinion..There is literature on this..Of course I never meant to insinuate that this was an ALL musicians thing…Actually you are correct in that every Genre of Music takes from others from other times… and generally in the beginning of any new Era/Genre or Style of music there is a sort of uncertainty from those that are purists of that genre of music they compose or even listen to,yes and yes there are a number of modern classical artist who take from Jazz/Blues but when I mentioned Classical I was referring to Mozart and Bach and the like…Way before Jazz and Blues came a long…. smile

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