16 thoughts on “Santa’s Helpers on vacation. HD

  1. Maybe they really ARE on Vacation….. laugh Guys above I too have this problem lately…???…Do you guys have slow connection too?…Lately none of the vids work very well for me ..but my connection speed is slower then a crippled turtle… laugh Gonna switch for faster internet speed (company) soon??….Well I wrote the above^^^ 10 minutes ago…. laugh Finally got it…quality ok..Content Great good vid..Thanks,,, good

  2. To the guys who said they can’t view it?

    I had no problems. Just click on the video and it will load for u to watch. It’s not a
    You tube video. So no link

  3. Oh my and oh boys – awesome music…awesome pics…awesome boys…awesome video – happy vaca boys – wow and holy cow – congrats on a job well done. I wish I could go on a fun and relaxing vaca like that – sigh.

    • no Ive “Clicked’ a lot of vids in my time…I know How…. laugh It just seems that these here on BoB give me and a few others problems? Like I said above I have crappy internet speed..(long story cry …) I believe this is the main problem…FYI ..sometimes it takes a very very longtime way over 10 minutes…Then when it does if it does?..It will take a longtime to download to “save video as”….Then while its loading or downloading,,It will say “error loading this resource” and or ” No video format vme” something or other etc…Its just a pain,Not normal..

  4. Sascha..Can you please explain or look into why this comment ^^^ or below…?. January 9,2017 at 7:14 ..Was moderated and withheld ? You told me and us during one of our last discussion (or my rants…. rtfm laugh ) That you would fix the “que” problem and this is not targeting any specific person but rather by some banned words etc? Im sorry sorry but this is now beyond ridiculous blush Even my cleanest generic comments are being modded again for no reason….Example…I told one guy to click the link on a post and that was modded???….Im tired of complaining and Im sure you are tired of hearing me complain…. yes Can you please help….. help Thank You…. heart

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