21 thoughts on “Hot Selection

  1. I love #1 Hottie Yummy too! #2 Looks like my last BF…a lot.. inlove squirrel dash dash #5 guys do you recognize him..If not you should recognize that boulder hes packin… laugh He was on a post a few weeks ago lying on his back with that Volcano poppin out….He is Hot and fully loaded for bear … hug laugh

  2. Oh my and oh boys – they are all too much – totally cute, beautiful, awesome, amazing, and perfect in every way – wow and holy cow – incredible and outstanding boys – a lot of complete package boys here.

  3. Very accurate title description=if any are fotoshopped, they sure did a great job & who carez anyway if it iz or not if even i cant tell=maybe they meant scrunptious #5 which he really doez hang like that but they probably cant count that high & why wood they dwell on negativity anyway when u just posted all theze seductive adonis youthz=thanx for that & may the haterz go away, itz annoying. gamer

    • Thatz just one of the main reazonz i dont ever post pix here plus I LUV FOTOSHOPPING A LOT OF THEZE PIX U SEE & even tho ive becum really good at making them look almost realistic, u can totally tell thingz have grown BIGGER & BIGGER, hairstylez have improved, kidz have lost luv handlez & slight imperfectionz, BUT i alwayz keep originalz altho maybe cropped, & then progression pix. Sum boyz get tatz & hickeyz plus a lot of kidz end up spitting loogiez & ive added captionz, so u really dont know what yur missing if u puristz have NO ARTISTIC TALENT. laugh

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