32 thoughts on “O arte e rapazinhos 39

  1. All Great shot Love #1 His eyes…!!! #7 I love his face..those Freckles and lips..so hot.. But My fav on the page is Peter #8 OMG Im a Peter freak… wacko laugh I just love that boy ( Well I love a lot of boys.. chuckle ) I go crazy for him so sexy…. But Peter is in my Top Grade category…He is Prime Beef… Actually Taegu… laugh Thanks G.

  2. Awesum post yet again=my fave iz easily #6 wacko 2nd place #8, too many great choices for 3rd place, maybe first or last pix=first cute kid made me laff cuz i cant even tell he lost any of hiz dreadz since he haz so much hair anyway & hiz expression iz well acted. joy

  3. thanks again for pic 3 of erik
    he is a very nices model he takes after his brother jimmy tonik
    please show more soon thank you Gaiato well done good good good

    Jason …………

  4. What’s up my friend! Thanks for not ceasing to share the beauty of boys, my special faves here are #s 1, 2, 5, 7 and 8. I’ll be inactive again this time from posting boys and commenting on posts and this will be long a long term. If you want someone to talk, just message me here or in my tutanota account. Gob bless you! drinks inlove

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