Surfer beauty

It’s not a stereotype, it’s proven fact. Surfer boys have the best hair and body. Those cute eyes that seem as if they’re looking straight into you, and those perfectly-tousled golden locks of glory. He’s always tanned, he loves nature and he’s got sandy toes and salty kisses. What’s your thoughts on this?

20 thoughts on “Surfer beauty

  1. Narly bro¡! laugh Great post, lotsa slippery prime lobster on this menu with a white buttery wine sauze 4sure 2tease the palate. squirrel i waz just tryin earlier 2get yesterday’z BoB surf & turf report but i think sascha waz uploading todayz postz & running weekly reportz cuz whole site waz unavailable 4while & when i got back on yur juicy post came up. I will never forget this here moment az first time ive ever seen fotoz#2, especially#5,also 6, 8 & a few otherz=i havent surfed or boogieboarded n agez cuz ocean n SF iz so fridgid cold altho i had ALL the gear, but Pacifica, MAVERICKZ near Half MoonBay, SantaCruz & our own cityside OceanBeach near GoldenGatePark where Chris Izaak haz been surfing for decadez=believe me, we have surf especially n winter here & itz almost freezing cold, probably 40’z¿? gamer4 I have sum great pix also & i surfed Florida & HuntigtonBeach (LA) n less than a week with my board on bussez & a continental trainride back & forth n April a few decadez ago¿?¡! Met most handsum young Marine Corporal n Jacksonville Florida & another complete cutie needing a hotel room n D.C. during national gay march on that continental surfing trip when Clinton 1st became Prez. Plus another stunning jr hi boy hung out with me 4most of trainride from Florida2Cali & friendz with me from SF 2 DC=WE also have dangerous surfing beneath southside of GoldenGateBridge but i woodnt recomend it 2anybody but proz cuz not only can u get SLAMMEDgainst boulderz on shoreline but u can easily b pulled out 2greatwhite sea territory & theyre everywhere¡! I wanna chek out surf spot near San Juan del Sur=an oceanside resort town n Nicaragua. donkey

    • And that’z rite, i met another young gay college freshman kid on train back to SF from LA & we dated a few timez later also=thoze were the daze¡! Plus i just saw BeachBoyz & Chicago are performing together again with Doobie Brotherz also¿? LETZ GO SURFIN NOW, EVERBODY’z LEARNIN HOW, KUM ON A SURFIN SAFARI WITH ME ¡! gamer4

    • BTW grommetz & proz, SF Ocean Beach iz FAMOUS for deadly riptidez on 2 many numerous occazionz, large warning signz have been up for decadez from National Park Sevice pluz most cute surferz hang out at LindaMarBeach with TacoBell on beach & outstanding warm suburban shirtless skatepark across 4 lane dividerless highway n SouthSide PACIFICA just b4 Devil’zSlideCLIFFZ as n HUGE where SanAndreasEarthquakeFaultline hitz ocean=hwy 1 until recent lavish tunnelz thru faultline & new bridgez, anyway narrow twisty hwy 1 high up on cliiffz until recently barely hung onto side of cliffz & sumtimez DIDNT with warning signalz if roadway began 2constantly slip & slowly slide further down the absolutely steep cliffz at least 300′ above breaking cold surf & this went on for decadez with HUGE ROCKSLIDEZ az the traffic increased to almost nonstop both wayz except after midnite. So south of that iz Half MoonBayAirport=just west on an ocean point with a HUGE astonomerz sized satelie dish R sum of WORLDS LARGEST & MOST DANGEROUS wavez as most surferz have heard the legendz & how main competitionz R only n a winter timeframe of maybe 3 monthz & can b called with little warning of perfect conditionz for 50′ wavez lined up just rite wich doesnt happen every year & then sumtimez constant due 2stormz near Alaska where we get our cold current from attracting HUGE blubbery sea lionz n 100 plus clusterz who then attract great whitez usually further out at small volcanic rock islandz west of faultline=wild wild west out here with occasional real wild deadly alwayz quietly reclusive but hungry for deer & petz, we have large cougar mountain lionz even n urban districtz az close az a mile or so from expanding rapidly especially rite now Downtown SanFrancisco plus wild coyote, racoon & skunk all over city at nite az poor live on streetz. Even MY cat iz upset now cuz i just took plump mouse away from him & threw it out window 2 our wild catz cat

  2. Oh my and oh boys – these surfer boys are too much – totally cute, beautiful, pretty, awesome, amazing, and perfect in every way – wow and holy cow – hang 10 boys.

  3. Okay, I believe that THESE certainly are! But these days too many wear those wet suits and all you can really see is their cute heads, LOL. I like the good old days, short shorts on the board, all surfer, know what I mean?

  4. Wonderful pics of cute adorable boys.
    I wish one of them is my life saver and saves me from drowning
    I would kiss him and give him all he wants..Tenderness & close hugs and all my love

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