17 thoughts on “Outdoor Boys 4

  1. #1 interests me, hard to say why. Its one of those pictures that there is a story behind but most people who see it will never know when or where it was taken or what was going on. He’s got such a sweet face and he looks such a hardworking little boy. heart

  2. Bench pressing like 50 lbz. With the bar wich iz probably less in kgz so itz kinda funny cuz im used to seeing much BIGGER weightz but hey, theyre tryin & hez got a cute spotter to save him if he lozes it laugh First kidz gonna get smooshed n2 boysenberry jam, yeap thatz how they make it even theze daze unless he pullz a Charlie Chaplin routine from ancient 1938 classic silent movie MODERN TIMEZ where he getz pulled n2 machinery again & again & sumhow survivez just to be fired at hiz job by hiz tyrant boss penguin

  3. It wouldn’t surprise me if that middle boy in pic #4 is sorta in the middle of teaching these other two some “important lessons” about life and the ropes. And he is grinning like he is about to carry them into that barn and start on lesson #1.

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