20 thoughts on “Beautiful Blonds

  1. Oh my and oh boys – these blondie boys are too much – totally cute, beautiful, pretty, awesome, amazing, and perfect in every way – wow and holy cow – incredible and outstanding boys – complete packages here.

  2. Love all of them. In that last picture there is such a little gem almost hidden away from us. He’s not blonde, he has dark long curly locks, just sitting there being him. I don’t know why but he just drives me crazy.

  3. Im in love with the boy in the top of every page of this website!!!
    The one in green jacketwearing winter clothes!
    Does anyone know the name of him?
    I want more pics of him dash

    • I was wondering when someone..(Including me… laugh ) Was going to mention that hot boy in the header?…Im sure Sascha knows… yes Sascha……I know your out there watching (Reading) this… smile Dont try to keep him all to yourself… laugh heart

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