51 thoughts on “O arte e rapazinhos 40

  1. #7 has the prettiest eyes. I love the last boy. I love boys with freckles. #5,9, are so adorable so pretty. #2 is the hottest pic.i have ever seen. Wow!!!

  2. ROBO BOY n football gear padz can tackle me for hourz, he’z heavenly machismo sweaty delectable & all those mezmerizing boy eyez, thoze wild green onez are stunning=i see yur celebrating #40 of the seriez so again thanx for showing off all theze spectacular boy fotoz with us all & congratz on 40 well done successes timez 10 fotoz mean around 400 pix i had never seen b4 now golden. drinks wacko

      • Wow, thanx for sharing gamer sumday when i have real internet access & my filez more organized, i may try posting sum appropriate stuff i havent seen n many many yearz deep n my collection = im workin on it slowly & i used to have more, especially videos sum that i had shot at beachez, swimmeetz skateparkz paradez & so on gamer4

  3. Three has a special look about him. I would love to take a nice soft warm washrag and gently clean his face, then kiss him on his cheek and forehead. It would be really nice to get to know him. I bet he has a marvelous laugh.

  4. Oh my and oh boys – these pics are well done – candid and artistic – and the boys are totally cute, beautiful, pretty, awesome, amazing, and perfect in every way – wow and holy cow – outstanding and incredible boy – complete packages.

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