28 thoughts on “Don’t tell

  1. Wow. Beautiful! inlove
    I love this selection…o my gosh…so sweet….just now I’m in the trance… hug penguin
    #1 so sweet but I was wondering…what was those two boys staring at… laugh
    Thanks. So coooool…so amazing…. penguin heart heart heart

  2. So sweet! Same-sex affection. It’s part of a larger trend among teens boys and young boys here. I see them from time to time. Straight close friends hugging on the bus. Then, a few snapshots into the Facebook photo album or IG. Even kiss on the cheek. No big deal. They seem very comfortable with their sexuality. Hope it lasts forever. heart

  3. So cuddly cute & not even a worry theze daze=how timez are a changin cuz it used to be taboo back n caveman daze when i grew up=there were a few obviously gay peepz in media plus elton john back then, paul lynde kumz 2 mind, dr. smith on lost n space, mr.rogerz maybe, nobody knew about mr.brady, rock hudson, gomer pyle or perry mason yet but michael jackson waz a year older than me & a heartthrob back then with the girlz mostly. hug

  4. Too bad that so many boys learn not to feel they are able to share a hug or kiss with another boy. I hope that is something that will end, and even straight boys will hug and kiss

  5. Oh my and oh boys – these pics are sweet, adorable, affectionate, and loving – nice to see boy couples happy – and the boys are totally cute, pretty, and beautiful – wow and holy cow – incredible pics and couples.

  6. Yeah we’re mostly all pervs…but…The boy in yellow is looking down and diagonally towards red shorts tenting, look at the direction his eyes are looking in and look at red shorts tent, and draw a line between them laugh . Yellow shirt is also about to lick and suck the end of his water bottle thinking about what he’s looking at. And the cutie sitting behind red shorts with his arms around him is sniffing his hot sweaty body and his right hand is on red shorts nipple and is lightly brushing it with his finger shock cool

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