24 thoughts on “My boy annual 13

  1. Woooooow. Soooo Beautiful! heart heart heart
    Ohh sooo difficult to choose… wacko
    I like all of them…. inlove penguin hug
    But I am jealous of #3 & #5…I wish to have a sibling so difficult to be an only child…alone…. smile

  2. Last – very interesting place to flex muscles. I am sure the girls at thhe playground much appreciated squeezing his muscle and checking out how firm it is. Boys will always be boys

  3. Oh my and oh boys – 2 through 7 are my favs – they are totally cute, pretty, beautiful, awesome, amazing, and perfect in every way – wow and holy cow – incredible and outstanding boys – complete packages once again.

  4. Ok, you’re taking a walk through the park and you look over and see #8 posing just like that…some sweat beads on his face and he’s looking back at you and smiles, knowing you are checking him out. You say hi and ask him how he’s doing, he says he is great but is cramped up and stuck in that position and asks if you can slide your hand under his leg and give it a tug to help him out. You look around and there’s no one else around to help out…so you give him a hand…yeah that could happen right? dash wacko

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