9 thoughts on “Vintage Trucker Boys

  1. Wow those are really ’70s vintage pics in the cabover. No wiggle room in the cab, just a seat to sit in, and even less room in the sleeper for 2. I’m sure they were alot of fun to take along on trips cross country. Last cutie looks like he totally enjoyed the trip, love the xl sunglasses heart , opie in pic 2 was kept busy, pic 4 cutie ran out of clean clothes and only had a dirty pair of shorts left to wear shock … nice pics elkland, anyone have some modern trucker boys pics like these? good

    • @Robert, Really? I haven’t heard that before, notorious bl’s…I’ve heard about the ‘lot lizards’ aka women prostit’s in the back parking areas of the truck stops from back in those days, but nowadays the truck stops are pretty cleaned up with guardshacks and fencing to keep that stuff out, or try to anyway. If there are any boys around it’s probably kids of the drivers along for a ride, esp in summer when schools out. Plus you just don’t see anyone hitch hiking anymore either, so to find a random boy at a truckstop and buy him some pie would be a tough one, without some big trucker daddy coming up behind you and tapping you on the shoulder to ask why you’re feeding his kid pie lol. dash wacko

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