26 thoughts on “Boys in Cool Necklaces

  1. Oh my and oh boys – I have to agree that boys look great with the necklaces – it just seems to work well for them – and it definitely works well for these boys – they are all too much – totally cute, beautiful, pretty, awesome, amazing, and perfect from head to necklace – wow and holy cow – incredible and outstanding boys – complete packages once again.

  2. #5 make me to sing this smile
    heart Under the coconut tree we stay heart
    heart Watch as the night turns into day heart
    heart We let the fire be the light heart
    heart Sky’s the floor tonight heart
    heart Fly me with your gentle sway heart

  3. Love how the last boy is on the cusp of puberty; he was skinnier when he was younger, it seems his stomach has a little more fat on it in this particular shot which happens to a lot of boys right before a growth spurt. Then it slims out again. I prefer this boy before puberty smile

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