Mountain Boys 1

Last week I’ve decided to stop posting pictures of boys. For the purpose that I always have this guilt in me everytime I fantasize on innocent boys. And hoping that one day my attraction towards young boys would disappear.

But then I had a second thought, and now my decision is fixed. Since I’m a weekend warrior, I hike into different mountains at least 2 times a month. And on my travels I would take photos of the local boys in each place.

I have here the boys of the first mountain(native boys). These boys are food vendor, at 4:30 am they’re at the streets already selling specialty bread for breakfast, upon arriving at the place they’ll welcome you with smiles and would, Sir! Pan de Sal(morning bread). The hike lasts for 10-11 hrs, going to the summit and back to the ground. What surprises me though is when we’re back on the ground those boys selling bread before dawn, we’re still their selling, this time they offer donuts and iced candy. The boys were very friendly and accomodating, I ask them to pose for the camera and here, and here are those shots. I only have a phone camera so the photo quality isn’t that good. I tried to take single photos of each kids, but it always ended up into a groupie, they love the camera I guess.

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