Top Ten

Hi! Here is a set of my top ten boys from pictures shared on this site recently. Nothing new, unfortunately, but I hope maybe some of you will post your favorites and perhaps some new ones (at least for me) will appear.

10. Not usually into the model boys but this boy has a perfect body.


9. Love the tan lines, the goofy expression and the idea of what happened right before this shot was taken.


8. One of my all time favorite close up face shots. This boy just has it all.


7. All time favorite face shot and the one I use to identify myself here. Would love to be with this boy and to have been this boy (with a special adult friend!)


6. Love sleeping boys. The innocence is breath-taking and this boy melts my heart.


5. This boy has a beautiful body and there’s something disarmingly innocent yet almost erotic about him sucking his thumb. Maybe it’s just me…


4. A favorite of many here. Love the innocence of a boy free to expose his bare butt. He definitely launches a thousand fantasies about the context of this shot.

***sorry not more allowed here sad Sascha***

3. A stunning boy in a stunning pose. Perfect age, perfect body, perfect butt. Have many dreams about the front view…

***sorry not more allowed here sad Sascha***

2. Love the definition of this boy’s chest, the slick water all over him, his playful look and the way the photo froze the water around his crotch.


1. My all-time favorite boy that I have found here. This boy defines my attraction in every way. If someone were to ask what I love about boys all I need to do is show this picture. His age, his size, his skin, the water, the speedo, the tight grip it forms around his special parts, his hair, even the resolution of the photo when zoomed in.


Please share your thoughts and your own top boys!