Boys Nipples #2

Hello smile

this is my second post for some hot boys NIPPLES

and today we have a special boy , he is my 2nd fivorate boy nipples after Noah Padgett

nip slip

Blonde candies , they are the best

(( boys wants you to taste thier pink candies ))

if you want to talk with me about boys pink candies on kik ;) you can find it in my bio smile

The return of the Private

Hello there , for those who don’t know me i am PrivateJ , fir those whose do long time no see.

Well I am back for good , for a while .

But I do bring gifts of photos of exquisite specimens in the shape of some pretty spicy little lads. If I do say so myself.

If you do want to speak or get to know me , please do or or even want to know the instagrams of the lads below, just pop me a PM and say hi. I am 17 and I try not to be the scary one . Haha . Anyhow on with the show , enjoy …