my top 10 favorite pictures i’ve seen on this site

hey guys, it’s been a while since I’ve posted here. I’ve just been really busy. i just thought i’d share some of my favorite pictures I’ve seen on this site. some of you guys have most likely seen them before.

#1 this boy has such a gorgeous body.

 #2 his eyes are beautiful #3 he looks great in that speedo#4 very teasy also really cute face#5 cute butt#6 another cute butt#7 he has some nice lips#8 nice lip piercing also love his hair#9 he has such a great smile#10 these two are too cute. i saw a few other pictures of them on here but i forgot what the post was called.

this boy is a sweetheart and a true inspiration

this is what he looked like before he started growing out his hairwhat it looked like after just a few months of growing it out (yes it’s the same boy XD )at this point his hair has now reached his shouldersand finally after 2 years of growing out his hair this is the result even though he got teased by adults and other kids saying he looked like a girl, that didn’t stop him from growing out his hair because he wanted to donate his hair to someone who didn’t have any.

what he looked like after the hair cutheheh I agree with what his shirt says, this boy IS awesome. he also inspired me to grow my hair out. I just remembered hearing about this boy on a TV show way back in 2012 and I loved his long hair so I thought i’d just post him here, Enjoy!