Boys Nipples

i don’t know how to start the post , you may find this weird

but im really really into boys big nipples with good shape body

if you want to contact or see my tumblr page you can find it in my bio

if you into boys nipples ‘like me’ please contact me because i feel like im the only one lol

i even made a collection of boys nipples in one image

boys i like with great chest/nipple

– Noah Padgett , the boss , he is number one in my favorite list , there is another post with his pictures , i don’t want to repost the pictures


_ this is a hot boy with fit body , awesome chest and big yummy nipples


(( and One more thing , i love this pose ||arms up|| so much, it makes the chest and nipples HOTTER ))


and here a video about a boy just playing with the camera , and when he started playing with his nipples his mom comes in >< ughhhh


sorry for the short post , i don’t know if you guys will like it or not , i will do more if you like my post smile