My favorite boys – Post #2

This time some of my fave boy videos. First up, this little cutie from England. He’s a bit older now (9 or 10) but he was a little doll back then! Love his accent! And he looks so serious reciting this famous poem…”Charge of The Light Brigade”! By the way, his name is Appomattox but he goes by Apple….

Next up, another little cutie, this one from Germany. Another cute name…Tinsel! …

Found this one by accident. His name is Ryan singing Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing”. Unfortunately, the video only shows him singing part of it but he’s got a great voice and a real cutie too! ….

Next up, Mikhail Ditkovski. I’ve been following this boy’s career very closely. I’ve posted some pics of him in this blog before and this is a video I found of him! Oh sooo cute! …

Another video found by accident trying to find the song “Treasure” by Bruno Mars. This is Sean Cavaliere acting it out with his older brother Michaiah and Brody who I think is their younger cousin. Check this out! ….

Finally to wrap it up my fave boy and Russian gymnast Vitaliy Melnik. You have got to check out these moves and how strong he really is in these videos! Very nice!

First post of me

Hey guys

My name is Igor. I’m 15 and I’m from Russia.

I followed the blog for a while and did not lecturing anything because I was afraid, but I did it (I was inspired by their example Santtu, thank you). I really want to get acquainted with the guys of his age and, frankly, I’m gay and I like boys 12-16 years.

If interested, PM me.



My favorite boys – Post #1

Collection of my favorite boys in pics and vids! Some of these posts may be re-posts that you have seen here on this site which I apologize. First up…Baxter! He is so cute!



And now!….




And now!…


Next up, Richie, my absolute fave boy model! A real cutie and shorts tenter! LOL!……


What a body!……..


Gorgeous long, soft, brown hair and beautiful eyes!…..


Next up is Tim! He is actually a Russian boy but another real cutie and shorts tenter! LOL!



And now!………


More in the coming days!