ich suche immer Kontakt zu netten Menschen, falls du auch auf der Suche nach Freundschaft bist, dann schreib mir doch einfach mal (Keine Tauschkontakte).
Was mir noch fehlt im Leben, ist jemand der mich verstehen kann und mit dem ich meine Liebe für Jungs und vielleicht sogar einen Teil meines Lebens teilen kann.



This site has the intention to give people that are attracted to boys, a place to feel at home and make new friends; Friends who can understand their feelings about boys and would never judge them for that attraction. No one chooses their sexuality and it is not easy to live with this, but it makes it easier to know that there are many more caring people with that attraction too, so we can help each other to continue to care and admire boys in a safe environment and talk about that what we love so much.

Pictures (Bilder/photos/foto’s)

  • If you see pictures on this site that belong to you and you want them to be removed, contact us and we will remove the pictures as soon as possible.
  • Solltest du hier anstößige Bilder oder Kommentare finden, dann kontaktiere uns bitte.
  • Si vous trouveriez des photos sur ce site que vous appartiennent et vous voudriez qu’elles seront supprimées, contactez-nous et nous les supprimerons si vite si possible.
  • Indien u op deze website foto’s ziet die van u zijn en u wilt graag dat ze van deze site verwijderd worden, neem dan contact met ons op en we verwijderen de foto’s zo snel mogelijk.

10 thoughts on “Contact

  1. I assume this site is used by all ages so I’d like to know the rules concerning profanity, sexual innuendos and discussions about sex in general. Is there a link/page that contains this info.

    • I hope to the common sense.
      There are no rules. Talking about sexuality is desired. Profanity rather not.
      Comments with explicit dirty words are filtered automatically.
      But in general I am absolutely for freedom of speech.

  2. good morning saschax99, im still learning how 2 use a computor, how do i send a photo…(i used 2 b blond)… im 56, still feel like a teenager and from s. africa now living in holland. i need 2 meet other guys who like young boys. your site just motivates and keeps me going. thk u so much.

    • good morning juniorJack, you are welcome, one reason of this site is to meet new nice people smile the other is to show and talk about the beauty of boys laugh If you want to publish photos here or use the forum, upload a own avatar or writing private messages to other member you need an account. You can register here Register Link after that you get an email with a verification link, when you clicked on this link you can login here Login Link with your registered username and password. Sorry for bad english, i hope you can understand me smile

    • Quand vous vous inscrivez sur cette communité, plusiers options seront à votre disposition, entre autre un forum où vous pourriez rencontrer d’autres personnes.

      Vous pouvez vous enrégistrer par cliquer sur le bouton “Login” en haut de la page.

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