Server down

I think you did notice that the server was not more rechable. laugh
The cause was a broken harddrive, so we must restore a 2 weeks old backup. sad
So the last posts, pms, comments and forum replies are lost. ;(

Currently the blog is limited. So POW and Mermber blog post creation is temporally closed.
Firstly i want to check all configurations, i am sure there are still some problems, after that we will open member blog too.

If you find problems please let me know  it joy 


The Oriano Boys – Part 3

And they just keep on coming, and coming. The sharp looking blond brothers in front of Nicolau Oriano’s camera. In the attached video called “Lucid Dream” you will meet some of the other great looking boys in this photo project. Enjoy!

or-001 or-002 or-003 or-004 or-005 or-006 or-007 or-008 or-009