• 14 y/o, gay boy living in Mid Georgia, U.S.A.
    I'm into art, theatre, music, photography and dancing.
    I love men, boys, painting and drawing, camping, fishing, hiking, dancing, my brother Sammy and most of all my mom. ;0)
    School sometimes...
    I have only been coming to this site a short time, but there 3 questions I keep getting every time someone contacts me.. So I'll just answer them all right now.
    1. Are you on KIK?
    2. Can you send nude pics esp. of you cock?
    3. Have you had sex with men or boys?
    A: I don't have KIK.
    A: I don't really want to send pics of my cock.
    A: Yes, kinda, I think...
    I'm a nice person, fairly smart and would love to hear from you and talk about anything you want to talk about.

    I recently found out I can use sex to make money. I was uptown at the square and saw a pretty good looking man, about 30 or so, sitting alone, so I sat down near him and started to talk to him and flirt a little. At first he acted like he wasn't interested, but I was persistent. I just kept talking and flirting. Finally, after about 15 min. or so, he scooted over really close to me. He reached into his pocket and pulled out some money. He handed it to me and was like, "Here kid, here's 20$ bucks, now leave me the fuck alone." ;0)

    Feel free to contact me if you wish. Any age, any race, any anything.